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Vince McMahon doesn't mind CM Punk chants at WWE shows

During the same interview Vince McMahon revealed WWE would consider the city of Chicago for a future WrestleMania event, the Chairman of the Board was asked if it bothers him that fans continue to chant "CM Punk" at WWE shows over a year after he left the company.

His response, to the Chicago Tribune, was short and sweet:

"No ... no."

If WWE did indeed run a future WrestleMania in the "Windy City" it would undoubtedly result in sustained chants for the former top pro wrestling star. That's certainly not a reason to avoid going back considering the market, but there's no question that it's annoying as all get out.

Then again, perhaps by the time WWE brings the "Showcase of the Immortals" back to Chicago McMahon will have reconciled with Punk and he can finally work that main event match he always wanted, even if he claims he no longer cares.

Wait, I'm being part of the problem, aren't I?

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