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Video: How Renee Young reacted to Dean Ambrose getting hurt at WrestleMania 31

In her second interview with the Gorilla Position podcast, Renee Young is asked how she felt watching Dean Ambrose take that nasty bump through the ladder at WrestleMania 31. Her response is adorable.

"That was horrible, yeah of course. But, I mean, not even just pertaining to Dean (but) with anyone. We travel together so we all know each other pretty well. So anytime you see someone and you know they get injured, it's a stressful situation. Of course when it's him there's a little more on the line for me for that.

"I was hosting the WrestleMania pre-show. I was up, way up in the rafters, super far away, also wearing high heels, which I don't much care for. But I had a little bit of time in between knowing when I had to be back up there for a hit during WrestleMania. I had to like boot, scoot, and boogie my way down to go try and find him. But it's in like the belly of Levi's Stadium and trying to hunt somebody through there... it's huge! I walked around about 18 times before I was like 'oh, there's the doctor's room.' ... There was relief. He's a very tough guy so I don't put too much past him but somebody's gotta check up. You can be tough but sometimes somebody's gotta go 'you okay?' And then he was fine and I left."

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