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Damien Sandow doesn't sound that pumped for Macho Mandow either, but he's going to give it all he's got

I remain on the fence about Macho Mandow, the latest iteration of Damien Sandow's impersonation gimmick, and the latest mimicking of a past act in today's WWE - with his Randy Savage joining Curtis Axel's 80s Hulk Hogan and...whatever it is the Prime Time Players are doing.

Last night's segment didn't do much to sell me on it either. Maybe it's the competition...The Ascension have been boring me since before the guy who now plays Bram in TNA got fired, maybe it's that Savage is one of the weaker imitation's that Sandow does. But it wasn't clicking for me last night.

Sandow, er, Mandow does deserve a little rope here, however. Lots of people thought the Intellectual Savior gimmick wouldn't get over, and many more thought he was done after losing his Money in the Bank cash-in led to dressing up like Marvel Comics' characters.

And that's exactly what the Man...dow himself reminded fans and critics today:

It's the attitude that made myself and others a fan of the first part of his promo after he lost his feud with The Miz. He's going to bust his ass to entertain us doing whatever his bosses tell him to do.

And it might not always work, but you can't hate on a guy who takes that approach to almost any job.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Are you still saying "Oh Yeah!", or are you ready for the next face of Sandow?

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