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Finn Bálor's plans to answer John Cena's US title open challenge and become Triple H's right-hand man behind the scenes at WWE

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As WWE is marketing Neville as a "sensation" - and booking him as a legitimate competitor, anticipation is growing for the next NXT Superstar from the Atlantic Isles to arrive on the main roster.

Finn Bálor is getting ready for another shot at becoming the #1 contender to Kevin Owens' NXT title, but he took the time recently to chat with Afterbuzz TV on their NXT review show for last Wednesday's episode on the WWE Network (embedded below). Unsurpisingly, the topic of his future plans and how his Raw debut might eventually take place came up frequently.

One thing the gang kicked around was having Bálor answer John Cena's open challenge for the United States championship. Finn was non-commital, as he was on these subjects throughout his appearance, but teased that it almost happened during the European tour after WrestleMania:

Well, Believe it or not, in London when John was in the ring making the open challenge, I was actually putting my gear on trying to get into the ring...but I just got beat to the punch.

Unable to pin him down on his next steps in the game, the questions broadened their scope to farther down the line. Looking to the future, he was asked where he sees himself in ten years, when he'll be 43 years old. Though he might no longer be working in the ring,  Bálor does plan to still be in wrestling - and hopefully even with WWE:

I live by the motto "Take one step at a time." Obviously, there are a lot of short-term goals that I want to achieve, both at NXT and WWE. In 10 years time, maybe I'll be Triple H's right hand man, pulling the strings up in the office and helping coordinate this incredible company.

Check out the whole show for his thoughts on CJ Parker's exit and outlook on the independent circuit, which performers have taken CJP's crown as "NXT star to keep an eye on" and who has his attention from the European scene.

Then, let us know how you'd like to see Finn debut on the main roster - and be doing in ten years time.

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