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Hulk Hogan wants a world title or retirement match at WrestleMania 32

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The fact that Hulk Hogan got involved in the action at WrestleMania 31, even taking a bump during the course of it, has led to obvious speculation that perhaps his in-ring career isn't over after all. And while WWE has clearly been hesitant about clearing him to perform in a full blown match, what's to say that won't change when it comes time to fill up AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas for WrestleMania 32 next year?

For his part, Hogan told that he's hoping for just that, in the form of a WWE world heavyweight title shot to kick off one last run or a retirement match:

"In my world and if you're in my brain right now, I'm looking at WrestleMania next year at AT&T Stadium. I'm looking at the WWE breaking my indoor attendance record of 93,000-plus at the stadium where the Cowboys play. Put that ring in the middle of the field and load that football field up with people, you're going to put over 100,000 in there. So in my mind, it would make sense to have world title match, my next run start there or my retirement match happen there. If you're in my brain you're thinking oh my God, I better be ready just in case they let me do it."

You can immediately throw out the idea of Hogan challenging for the title. That's Hulkster hype at its finest. But a retirement match, promoted as such, could work given the right opponent and creative booking to get around his physical limitations.

Then again, Undertaker and Sting may also be on the card in retirement matches of their own. Does WWE really want to turn AT&T into a graveyard for past stars? The better question may be whether or not any of you, dear fans, would pay to see Hogan wrestle another match.


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