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Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Over at the SB Nation mothership, our main man Bill Hanstock is doing the work of whatever deity guides your life. That's because he compiled answers from a fairly large group of current and past WWE stars on two incredibly important questions.

You'll have to click here to read up on the first question but here's the second, and I cannot stress to you enough how important this question truly is, Cagesiders. (Special shout out to Cageside Live co-host Matt Roth for banging on this drum long ago, by the way.)

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan: [thinking] Nnnnno, a hot dog's a hot dog. A club sandwich is a sandwich, brother!

Luke Harper: Yes. I'm from Rochester, New York. Obviously a hot dog is a sandwich.

Scott Hall: I bet I've eaten five hot dogs my whole life. I don't know much about dogs, brother. I would say it's a sandwich, yeah.

Tyson Kidd: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Cesaro: No, it's a hot dog.

Tyson Kidd: Yeah. It's absolutely not a sandwich. Although it brings up a hell of a question. I've actually never heard that. That's good.

Ryback: Absolutely not.

Alicia Fox: Oh, that's a good one. Hell no. It's not food.

Jey Uso: I think so! It's between two pieces of bread.

Jimmy Uso: Yeah, it's a sandwich. These are some good damn questions, man.

Curtis Axel: No, it's a hot dog. I don't believe it's a sandwich at all.

Emma: A hot dog is it's own thing. That's why it's called a ...

Curtis Axel: It is actually meat between bread.

Emma: If you think about it, it's meat and bread.

Curtis Axel: The sandwich does have bread, and the meat ...

Emma: You shouldn't think about it too much. It's a hot dog.

Curtis Axel: Yeah. I am thinking about that way too much.

Rosa Mendes: No.

Layla: No, not for me. I think it's gross.

Rosa Mendes: Because [Layla and I are] European, so we know that hot dogs are just ... no.

Eva Marie: No. [It's] a hot dog.

Sami Zayn: I guess in theory, yes.

Charlotte: [long pause] ... Yes.

Bo Dallas: No. No, not at all.

Heath Slater: Hell no. Is a hot dog a sandwich? I don't look at it as ... a hot dog is it's own little ... it's a hot dog. That's how I see it.

Santino Marella: [offended] No.

Colin Cassady: No.

Enzo Amore: Absolutely not. [incredulous] Do people think that?

Colin Cassady: No, it's not. The bun is connected. A sandwich, the bread doesn't have any connector.


Colin Cassady: [to interviewer] Do you think a hot dog's a sandwich? You're sittin' here telling me that? A taco and a hot dog are ... no. You're crazy, bro.

Finn Bálor: A hot dog is not food, to me.

CJ Parker: No.

Devin Taylor: No.

CJ Parker: That's easy. That was an easy one.

Devin Taylor: I mean, has anyone ever said yes?

Bad News Barrett: A hot dog is disgusting. I eat sandwiches, but I don't eat hot dogs, so no, it doesn't qualify.

Sin Cara: Oh, no.

Kalisto: No. No.

Tyler Breeze: [scoffs] No. It's a hot dog!

Solomon Crowe: [long pause] I'm very perplexed by this question. I feel like I need to go back in my room sometime and really contemplate life after that question. I really cannot answer, is a hot dog a sandwich.

Alexa Bliss: Is a hot dog a sandwich? Hot dog ... hot dogs are awesome, so I don't even know if they're ... they're better than sandwiches.

Solomon Crowe: I think I've come to a conclusion on my answer: a hot dog ... is a hot dog.

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