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Don't expect Batista back for WrestleMania 32

Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Batista's 2013-14 WWE run is already taking on a legendary feel. Cast as a returning babyface hero, his questionable conditioning (for pro wrestling, anyway) and even more questionable wardrobe choices made it easy for fans to turn on him - especially when many of them preferred the smaller, bearded guy whose spot they thought Big Dave was taking.

When he was finally allowed to run with the heel role he claims he wanted from the jump and worked himself into ring shape, he was fully appreciated and embraced by fans. Possibly even more than he'd been since his heyday in the aughts.

And then he was gone.

Initially, it was only going to be a hiatus to promote Guardians of the Galaxy. When that film became one of the biggest hits of 2014, other roles started to come in, and the Washington, D.C. native's calendar got a little too full for wrestling. Combine that with his airing frustrations about Creative during his comeback, and the fans were left hoping to at least someday get his stated dream retirement match against Triple H.

While that match may happen someday, it doesn't look like it will be at the WrestleMania set to go down in Arlington, Texas a year from now.

The sequel to Guardians is officially set to start filming in February of 2016. It would be difficult to shake off ring rust and build to a match while taking part in a normal movie shoot. To do so while filming a huge special effects blockbuster for which you need to undergo five hours of make-up each day is probably impossible.

Look for Dave Bautista as Mr. Hinx in this fall's James Bond flick, Spectre. No word on when to look for his wrestling character to walk alone through this pit of danger.

Disappointed, Cagesiders?

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