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Introducing the 2015 WWE Tournament of Bad

Four years ago, Brent Brookhouse and I introduced the MMA Tournament of Bad, a concept we ripped off from local Chicago sports radio hosts Boers and Bernstein. The MMA Tournament of Bad has continued as an annual event coinciding with the NCAA Tournament, and we just finished the 2015 edition last week.

Today, we introduce the WWE Tournament of Bad.

The concept is simple: take nominations about the worst things WWE, cull the field down to 64, and then run them off in a single-elimination tournament voted on by you, the readers of Cageside Seats. We'll take nominations every Sunday throughout the year, with the tournament taking place sometime in July.

The WWE Tournament of Bad isn't meant to mock WWE or professional wrestling. We love WWE and professional wrestling. But those who love something are best suited to point out its flaws, and what better way to do that than a fun, irreverent spectacle like a large-scale tournament?

There's no criteria for what constitutes a WWE Tournament of Bad nomination other than you find something about it awful, detestable, or unlikeable. This can range from the serious (the Ultimate Warrior's death) to the goofy (Triple H's Wrestlemania 31 entrance) to your own personal preference (Baron Corbin's facial expression).

Post your nominations in the comments below. Because this is the inaugural edition, we don't have as strict a cutoff date, but try to limit yourself to the past year. Links to articles, GIFs, movies, etc. are highly encouraged as well! Rec your favorites! Let's have fun, Cagesiders.

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