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Report: WWE wants Lana to be the female face of the company

It's become clear over the past couple months that WWE is on the verge of breaking up the dynamic duo of Lana and Rusev. Why they are doing so has been unclear, but a recent report from the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter(subscription required but recommended) suggests that Vince McMahon has stars in his eyes and dollar signs dancing around his head when he looks at Lana.

The plan for Lana long-term right now is to be the female face of the company once her babyface turn is completed. At least that's the long-term plan this week. Vince McMahon feels that part of the transition has to include a reveal that she's really American. The plan is to keep the Lana name, although there has at least been talk of C.J. (Her real name is Catherine Jo Perry), with the idea C.J. makes people think hot blond because of the character Pamela Anderson played in "Baywatch."

Plans change quickly, of course, and they change often with McMahon running the show, but if he's dead set on making Lana a big star -- which, let's be real, she's already almost there -- then we can count on a monster push for her.

But what will that even look like?

Lana has never wrestled for WWE and we have no way of knowing if she's even capable of putting together a passable match. Then again, Cameron and Eva Marie have been employed and worked plenty of matches for years now getting by on everything other than their skills between the ropes.

With AJ Lee gone, someone has needed to step up to become the new face of the Divas division. Will Lana transcend even that and be the next female face of the company as the Observer indicates?

Stay tuned.

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