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Daniel Bryan unsuccessfully pitched a WWE/New Japan cross-promotional match against Shinsuke Nakamura

His title win at WrestleMania last Sunday night has a lot of fans hoping Daniel Bryan will be able to do for WWE's Intercontinental title what Shinsuke Nakamura has done for New Japan Pro Wrestling's IWGP Intercontinental championship.

As a guy who's wrestled extensively in Japan, and who's obviously a fan of puroresu, Bryan is not unaware of those hopes.

In fact, they probably played a roll in this bit of fantasy booking he told Title Match Wrestling that he pitched to WWE brass:

I pitched this. I have pitched this. I want to wrestle Shinsuke Nakamura. So, he and I lived together for a brief bit in Santa Monica, California AND we're doing a tour of Japan soon, and I thought 'oh, what a great inter-promotional thing it would be if I were to wrestle Shinsuke Nakamura'.

And not only that it would be fun, it would be rewarding and if we put it on the Network and they could put in on their New Japan World or whatever it is that they have and then, it would be a win/win for everybody. But, I don't know if anybody...bought that idea (laughs).

While, barring Nakamura following old rival Finn Bálor to the company, that dream match probably isn't going to happen, the IC king does hope to create a main roster version of his famous Ring of Honor feud with another Japanese legend who is on WWE's payroll...

Check out the full video below for Bryan talking about main roster matches with Hideo Itami, his love of 8-bit classic Pro Wrestling and more.

Bummed that WWE no sold Bryan's pitch? Or just imaging a sit-com where he and Nakamura are roomies in Santa Monica?

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