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WWE King of the Ring Fallout videos, and what to expect next for Bad News Barrett's Reign

As a lot of folks have discovered recently, the YouTube show after the show can be more satisfying - at least in terms of story advancement - than WWE's television and Network programming.

See if you feel that way about the King of the Ring special on WWE Network as you check in on backstage interviews with the winners and losers of last night's semi-final and final tournament matches. It's probably the only place you'll be able to hear R-Truth call Bad News Barrett the King of the Water Spiders...

- An injured Sheamus is furious
- R-Truth reacts to being eliminated
- Neville discusses his defeat
- Barrett is now the King of bad news
- Sheamus receives medical attention

When you're done digesting those promo nuggets, ponder these pieces of trivia from announcer Kyle Edwards about what might be in the new monarch's future as a result of his victories over the past couple of days:

While we'll have to keep watching to see what unfolds for the finalists, one of their bosses is impressed - and will be watching right along with us:

We've commented here before that Barrett has a really impressive résumé without a whole lot of memorable moments to it. Is this win more of the same, or a chance for him to break out? Let us know what you think!

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