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WWE releases Kliq t-shirt, possibly firing a shot in their trademark war with The Bullet Club

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When reports came out last month that WWE's legal team was seeking to protect the "Too Sweet" hand gesture made famous by Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in the Monday Night War era, the two most common legal observations were that it was a centuries-old symbol that would be protected by fair use, and that WWE wasn't using it anyway.

Not much WWE can do about the former, but they're trying to sell you something that will address the latter as of today:

I've nothing but my own thinking to back this up, but it doesn't seem like something popularized initially by a couple of Hall of Famers who aren't working with the company in any kind of ongoing storyline would be a priority for the merchandising department unless their was an ulterior motive. Part of the is surely that The Young Bucks and New Japan Pro Wrestling's Bullet Club faction have made the gesture cool again, and WWE sees a few bucks to be made.

But with the company and former NJPW & current NXT star Finn Bálor already making use of the term Bálor Club ahead of his rumored call-up to the main roster at some point this year, it seems unlikely that all of this is unrelated to who gets to utilize one of the most popular shirt designs and gimmicks that have been developed outside of WWE's control in this century.

UPDATE: I'd forgotten that WWE has "The Kliq Rules" documentary set for The Network and DVD release later this Summer. Factor that in to your own reading of the tea leaves on the whole situation.

Agree or disagree with my reading of the situation, Cagesiders? And anyone buying one of these (get a Kliq from WWE here; get Bullet Club merch (while you can from?) here)?

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