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Georges St. Pierre would love to make a special appearance in WWE

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Former UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre, one of the biggest draws in the history of MMA, participated in a fan Q&A session prior to today's UFC 186 weigh ins in Montreal. The French Canadian has been on hiatus from his professional fighting career for nearly two years now with no sign of a return in sight.

Because of that, not to mention the recent crossover between MMA and WWE, St. Pierre was asked about possibly showing up in the squared circle.

His answer:

"Well, if you look at my size... Floyd Mayweather did it, that's true. It would be something that I would really enjoy to do if I had the opportunity because I used to be a massive fan of WWF back in the day. I'm a massive fan. Hulk Hogan... my favorite was Shawn Michaels. ... Now? I'm not big enough to make a career of it. I need to be bigger. The guys are like 250-pounds and they're jacked. It's not me. I won't be able to reach that weight naturally, it would be impossible. To make an appearance or something special, yeah, I would love it, of course, it would be an honor."

He must not stay current on the product considering the WWE world heavyweight champion is Seth Rollins. Size doesn't mean nearly as much as it used to.

That said, how fun would it be if GSP pulled a Ronda Rousey and shocked us all with a surprise appearance at a major WWE event to run an angle with a big star?

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