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Scott Hall calls Chris Jericho a 'whining puss'

Sports Illustrated recently caught up with Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman for an extensive interview that includes a juicy quote from Hall on Chris Jericho. When Jericho's comments on the nWo, namely that they were some of the biggest factors in WCW going out of business, came up Hall had this to say:

"Jericho's just a whining puss. If you have any talent, you can't be held back and you can't be held down. Jericho just whines and whines. He's gone on to be tremendously successful, and he's still got a hard on for us. I don't get it, but nobody makes headlines for saying, 'Those guys are great guys. You talk about what dicks we are, and then some guy sits down and interviews you."

Waltman piled on:

"Jericho realized, once he got to WWE, ‘Holy shit, I don't know what the fuck I'm doing here. That's why Vince made him come to me and run his matches by me, even he was working with Boss Man or something. You think you know, until you finally know."

Hall's characterization that Jericho is simply whining about being held down is a bit off the mark. At some point reality is reality and stating as much doesn't necessarily make one a whiner who wants to make headlines.

Truth is truth, folks.

By the same token, Jericho has openly admitted he was a bit lost when he first came to WWE and there was a big adjustment period after working so many years in the toxic environment at WCW, so Waltman isn't necessarily off the mark on his comments.

Still, it seems like there's an issue here where there shouldn't be, yes?

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