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John Cena's advice to Roman Reigns on dealing with fan chants

Yes, we're still at that point where more experienced pro wrestlers are being asked what advice they may have for the still relatively inexperienced Roman Reigns when it comes to dealing with backlash from fans in the form of derogatory chants.

Cena's answer to talkSPORT:

"The advice I have for Roman is just be yourself because at this point if you try to change who you are to cater to the audience, especially the audience that is chanting, they will eat you alive. Over the 13 years I've been here in WWE, I get more obscure chants than anyone else. But the fans know I love this, they know I show up all the time for all the events, they know I put my life on the line, they know I pour my heart out and although they chant I think there is - or I'd like to hope there is, anyway - that underlying respect there. He will be fine as long as he remains true to who he is. If Roman tries to change who he is or tries to redefine himself that authenticity will be gone so he just needs to stay the course and keep doing well."

Wait, did he say he puts his life on the line?

The reality is that Reigns will be fine no matter what happens. If the fans continue to reject him, he can simply turn heel and get over with a fresh coat of paint. Or, the status quo will remain and he'll have just as much success as Cena, who faces the same reaction week in and week out.

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