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Video: The whole world can kiss Sheamus' arse

Sheamus steps into the hot seat for the weekly interview with Michael Cole to discuss why he turned heel and what exactly the motivation is behind is "Kiss Me Arse" match with Dolph Ziggler at Extreme Rules. Hey, at least we get an explanation, eh?

"Michael, let me ask you a question: How do you humiliate a man? How do you take away his dignity. Just beating a man is one thing but taking away his soul is another. This Sunday at Extreme Rules, I plan to embarrass Dolph Ziggler in front of the entire world, in front of my favorite city, Chicago. Because when I beat him, that's when it will start. I will bend over, I will make him get on his hands and knees, pucker up in front of the entire world, and I will make him kiss me ass. It won't just be... the message is not just for him, it's for the entire WWE Universe. Because as far as I'm concerned the whole world can kiss me arse."

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