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Eva Marie is training to 'go for that Divas title' for all her 'Red Nation' fans (Video)

During her interview with the Cheap Heat crew during WrestleMania weekend, Eva Marie revealed that she is still training to get back in the ring. Her ultimate plan in pro wrestling is to win the Divas title for all her "Red Nation" fans out there.

"I feel like the WWE world, the Universe, they forget that I got my developmental contract first. I tried out to be a WWE first, before Total Divas, before any of that came. That came later. It just so happened that it just skyrocketed. Nobody even knew Total Divas was going to do well because people when they heard of it were like 'yeah, right.' So, for me, I've had to basically... I mean, my first match was on television on Raw ... so that right there is pretty bananas.

"For me, that is my main goal, that is my main focus right now. You're going to see that also in season four of Total Divas. You're going to see me training back in the ring. That's my baby. WWE is first. WWE, wrestling, everything, that's what has made Eva Marie. So I need to show my Red Nation and my fans how bad that I want it, not only myself but for them too, especially the ones that have been with me since day one. That's why I'm going to go for that title, because I think it's time. Especially with this hashtag, #GiveDivasAChance, well, here we go."

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