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Shawn Michaels says he's been offered a position in WWE Creative and a spot on the WrestleMania 32 card

Old HB-Shizzle was on Jim Ross' podcast, The Ross Report, this week. And at a time when much of the pro wrestling world is focused on WWE's relationship with another Texan, Shawn Michaels had some interesting things to say about ideas that come out of Stamford, Connecticut for him.

JR dove into the fact that next year's WrestleMania will be in HBK's home state of Texas, and wondering if Vince McMahon wouldn't be pulling out all the stops to get some local boys on the show to make it as big a draw as possible. Michaels' said he's already been approached, and while his response makes it sound like he said 'no', that's not exactly what he says:

I've already had an offer. I've enjoyed being retired.

Without calling in Kevin Nash to look at the adjective or CM Punk for a Grammar Slam, there is a possible read of his second sentence that would mean he won't always be retired. So, we can look forward to speculating on that on and off over the next twelve months.

His answer should shut down any hopes of a full-time return (not that anyone thought one of those was imminent anyway). Shawn isn't interested in a spot on the Creative team, or even a gig in Orlando training at the Performance Center:

It wouldn't be a great fit for me. There'd be a lot of stifling going on. I've been able to sway them on things other people couldn't. I'd be open to the Pat Patterson gig, where you have a couple of projects and you could write in from home about it. If you're going to be there every week, you might as well go back and be an on-air character and make more money.

Check out their whole chat where Michael's talks about his new book and all the stories it contains, including almost joining WCW.

Do you think we'll see HBK in Arlington next April? How big of an asset would the man who helped trained Daniel Bryan be to his buddy Triple H's operation in Developmental?

You know how to chime in, Cagesiders.

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