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Report: WWE lawyers trying to shut down Steve Austin's online t-shirt store

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Stone Cold Steve Austin's refutation of rumors that there were business issues between Vince McMahon and himself lacked a lot of facts that would have really quieted the rumblings of the dirt screens and the internet wrestling community. And if a new report from PWInsider is correct, that's because there were a few more things going on that weren't even being whispered about when Austin sought to clear the air on his podcast last week.

According to Mike Johnson's sources, WWE lawyers sent a cease & desist letter to the week after WrestleMania, instructing them to stop selling some of the merchandise they carry for Austin on the site. Stone Cold is one of many former WWE talents who sell shirts and other souveniers via "stores" there. A look at his page shows that they are still listing quite a few products, including one with the "316" catchphrase, but none that refer to the "Stone Cold" name. Whether some products have been pulled as the PWInsider report indicates or if Austin and the site are fighting/ignoring the letter (if it exists) is unclear.

It should be noted that the rumor Austin specifically shot down, point by point, was one from Johnson claiming he was scheduled to fly to WrestleMania in California with Undertaker but didn't because of issues with WWE. PWInsider stood by their story, with a similarly detailed explanation of how they arrived at their claim.

The report also speculates, as others around the web have, that John Cena's sudden adoption of a Stunner-esque move is a shot at Austin. Stone Cold himself has talked about why he dislikes Cena's use of the maneuver, but none of his reasons sounded like anything other than professional concern and opinion.

We'll have more on this as it develops, gang - including anything the man himself might have to say on his podcast.

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