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The 30-Day Challenge: Day 15 -- Least Favorite Wrestler

With the influx of new members of Cageside Seats following Wrestlemania, I think it's about time we get to know each other a little bit. So through the month of April, we're going to do the Cageside Seats 30 Day Challenge.

Here are the rules: I'll ask you a different question every day, and you answer it. It's that simple. There are no right or wrong answers (after all, we're talking about your favorites and such). Just think of this as one of those introductory mixer things. Or whatever welcome party thing this is.

Day 15: Who is your least favorite wrestler ever?

Another one that could probably change if you asked me again in a week or a month or a year, but today I go with two. One: Alex Riley. Maybe it's me, but there's nothing redeeming about him. If you didn't watch WWE in the first half of 2011, here's how shallow the talent pool was: Riley for about two months was the second biggest babyface on the roster. Then he got exposed. Then he got hurt. Good for him for trying to work back, but my word, whenever I see this guy get his ass handed to him, it's a good day.

The other is Michael Cole. Technically, he wrestled. Not a lot, mind you, but the fact the bane of commentary holds one more win at Wrestlemania than Jerry Lawler, who gave his nearly his entire adult life to wrestling--literally (he did nearly die on the job one) is sickening. Let me tell you: when Brock Lesnar F-5'd Cole, I damn near did a victory lap in my room. When he got Rock Bottomed, I cheered. When he got stunned, I cheered. When Daniel Bryan beat his ass, I cheered. Anything done to Michael Cole is good in my book. When Kevin Owens makes his main roster debut, I hope his first act is to pop-up powerbomb Cole on the apron and send him into retirement, then Owens claims he did it for his family afterwards.

Ok, I admit, that was a bit harsh. Maybe. But the topic is least favorite wrestler, so go ahead. Let loose (within house rules, of course).


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