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Video: It turns out Curtis Axel has been in the Royal Rumble for 8 years now

"Don't leave the country because AxelMania is running wild. I've been in the Royal Rumble match now for eight years. Quiet. Eight years and counting. I'm often imitated but I'm never eliminated and AxelMania is going to run wild in Europe. So what cha gonna do, what cha gonna do brother, when AxelMania runs wild on you?"

This video is a couple days old but I'm just getting around to seeing it and it represents a turning point for Curtis Axel, at least for yours truly. He's been pushing the boundaries of exaggeration with this gimmick but going so far as to say he's been in the Royal Rumble match for eight years while nearly cracking up at Kyle Edwards -- who is perfect as the baffled interviewer here -- takes the cake. Well done, Axel. Run wild.

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