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Daniel Bryan pulled from WWE European tour

It's been reported recently that Daniel Bryan has been suffering through some health issues related to the neck injury that cost him the WWE world heavyweight championship in the months after WrestleMania 30. It's been bad enough, in fact, that the company was protecting him by booking him in tag matches throughout its tour of Europe.

Now, he's been pulled from the tour altogether.

Indeed, WWE confirmed as much with the following statement:

"Daniel Bryan has been pulled from the remainder of the UK tour as a precautionary measure."

There have been rumors for weeks now that WWE is losing confidence in Bryan's ability to hold up to the punishment of the profession, and that may even be the reason why he was knocked down the card to the Intercontinental title picture. The timing of the reports of his not doing well and his being yanked from the tour indicate something is definitely wrong.

We can only hope his situation gets sorted out sooner rather than later, not just for our entertainment but for his health and well being.

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