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Cageside Countdown Nomination Thread: Worst Acts In Kayfabe Ever

Professional wrestling is a wacky, wacky, wacky world. To have any real sense of enjoyment of it, one of the first things you must understand is you have to suspend your disbelief. There's no way around this. Things done on pro wrestling shows cannot and quite honestly should not be attempted, unless you want to spend a long time behind bars.

And that's the idea behind this countdown. Actually, it was TMadeBurner that stumbled on the idea a few days ago in the Daily.

What was the worst act ever committed in kayfabe?

Now, we leave the question up to you, and we'll decide this through the traditional Cageside democratic manner: nominations and recs.

RULES: To qualify, this must be an act done in kayfabe on a televised wrestling show, or at least a wrestling show where cameras are present. In other words, the incident must be 100% a work. Any shoot incidents (i.e. the Plane Ride from Hell, legit backstage fights, matches that turn into shoots) do not count and will not be considered.

For your nomination to count, write in the subject box Nominate - (your moment here). In the comment box, put in a link to the moment or a picture of said moment (preferably link as to not clog up the thread for others, especially mobile users).

For example, Nominate- Triple H "screws the corpse" of Katie Vick would go in the subject box, and in the comment box, a link or a picture, which you can link like so: or like so. Nominations and voting will go on for three days from date and time of post, with the countdown to be revealed Friday.

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