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Cageside Countdown: Top 10 PPV Theme Songs

Earlier this week, we asked you, the Cagesider, to nominate and rec your favorite PPV themes. And that you did. In fact, dozens were nominated. I think close to a hundred. The songs spanned different genres and different eras. Even a lot of the ones that didn't make the cut could have made it if were to do this whole process over again a month from now (no, I will not be doing this over a month from now, so don't ask.). And remember, if your favorite didn't make it, you have nobody to blame but you.

Before we get to the top ten, here are...

FIVE HONORABLE MENTIONS, or the five that just missed the cut.

1. An early entry from the brand-exclusive PPV era, here's the theme from Unforgiven 2003, "Enemy" by Sevendust. (official video from the band here)

2. The Invasion Era is one of the most disappointing periods in WWE history, and one many point to as the beginning of the company's fall from its high perch. At least the PPV themes from that era were pretty good, like this one from No Mercy in 2001, "Click Click Boom" by Saliva. (official video here)

3. No Way Out in 2003 will be remembered for more than a few things: a second Rock-Hogan match that wasn't nearly as good as the first, a second Triple H-Scott Steiner match that was much worse than the first, the return of Steve Austin, and a pretty awesome theme: "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence. (official video here)

4. The best theme songs are synonymous with the wrestlers or events they are attached to. How do you know if a theme's iconic? If you play the opening seconds to a complete stranger with little knowledge of wrestling, they would know what it is. In terms of wrestling events, few can make a case quite like the classic Wrestlemania theme, used from 1993-1998. The song (official video here) is actually from Wrestlemania: The Album released in 1993. One of the producers of the album: former American Idol and current X Factor judge Simon Cowell.

5. 2002 was a year of transition in WWE, and one of its biggest changes was the dividing of the roster. The biggest match of the early days of the roster split came in the first ever Elimination Chamber match at Survivor Series 2002, whose official theme was "Always" by Saliva. (official video here)

Now that the close-but-no-cigar list is out of the way, here they are, as voted by you...

The Top 10 PPV Theme Songs Ever.

8. "Snow" (Hey Oh) by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wrestlemania XXIV

We begin the countdown with a three-way tie. Not gonna lie: I'm not sure why an outdoor Wrestlemania in Florida in March would have "Snow" as a theme. But "Snow (Hey Oh)" is a laid-back departure from other wrestling themes, and yet, it works. Maybe because Florida.

8. "Bodies" by Drowning Pool, Summerslam 2001, ECW One Night Stand, ECW One Night Stand 2006

As nominator rosetoworld pointed out, this may be the used PPV theme outside of the Insurrextion and Rebellion series of PPVs. Actually, rosetoworld, I would include those PPVs too, because the theme also became the entrance music for the Alliance and the original intro for the rebooted ECW. Oh, and it was the theme for three different PPVs.

8. "Big Time" by Peter Gabriel, Wrestlemania 22

This song was 20 years old at the time of Wrestlemania 22.  That puts it at around the time of the Rock ‘n Wrestling Connection. It's not the first time "Big Time" was used for a Wrestlemania. A song with the same title but by a different group was the theme the year before. Almost nobody remembers it. To WWE's credit, it did introduce one of the most successful artists of the 80s to a whole new generation.

7. "Headstrong" by Trapt, Bad Blood 2003

The first theme song of the split brand PPV era, Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff Presents Bad Blood's official theme would be the background music for nearly highlight video for years to come. Yet the official video for the song has only eleven million views. C'mon, man.

6. "Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva, Wrestlemania 23

Some songs were made for the "Showcase of the Immortals". Few were more perfect for wrestling's biggest night than this Saliva hit from 2007. Don't believe it? Here's the official highlight video for Wrestlemania 23. Or a highlight video for Wrestlemania XXX set to the same song.

5. "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC, Summerslam 1998

Steve Austin and The Undertaker were heading for a collision for the ages in Madison Square Garden at Summerslam in 1998. You can say they were heading for... a highway to hell. The promo video for the event is phenomenal and you should hit that link and watch it right now. Oh, here's a little did you know: the song was released in 1979, making it the oldest song on the countdown. The original lead singer of the group AC/DC, Bon Scott, would unfortunately never get to see the fruits of his success: he was found dead in a friend's car just six months after the song's release.

4. "The End" by Jim Johnston, Armageddon 2002-2006

Nearly every iconic wrestling theme in WWE history has Jim Johnston's fingerprints on them. When it comes to themes for major events, he hasn't produced as many memorable ones. But this one stands out. Used for the Armageddon PPV six years in a row (counting the remake used in 2007), the tune sets the mood for dark times laying ahead. It wasn't just used to open Armageddon. It opened a Survivor Series too, in 2001.

3. "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage, Judgment Day 2006

The third entrant from 2006, this theme is best remembered for being CM Punk's entrance theme for years. And if you have any doubt of how awesome this theme is, here's the sound of 14,815 people roaring as one as soon as the opening guitar riff hits. Quick... name one match on this show without resorting to your Google or Bing or Yahoo or whatever search engine you use.

2. "Monster" by Imagine Dragons, Wrestlemania XXX

It wasn't an official theme for Wrestlemania XXX, but the song produced the most memorable promo from the event, so it might as well have been one. The song will forever be associated with Daniel Bryan's journey from a small town in Washington to the top of the professional wrestling world.

1.  "My Way" by Limp Bizkit, Wrestlemania X-Seven

The Fred Durst-fronted band gets a lot of bad rap, but as the old saying goes, even blind squirrels find a nut once in a while. In this case, this theme for the signature show of the Attitude Era fits so perfectly. I mean, you can watch the show's main event promo for yourself and see what I mean. Gives you chills, don't it? Or you can watch the 2015 fan remake. This was your choice for the best PPV theme ever.

There you have it, your top ten PPV themes ever. Did your favorite make the cut?

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