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Did Big E just turn The New Day heel on Twitter?

Big E might be done trying to make the best of "The New Day Sucks" chants he, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods dealt with on the last episode of Raw.

Taping reports on the Main Event matches performed last night in Fresno, California indicate that the former Intercontinental champ responded to boos from the crowd by intentionally misidentifying the city as San Jose (where they were mercilessly booed on Monday). This morning he was back on Twitter, but not with smart-alecky jokes about how the faction turns negativity into positivity.

Instead, he's now talking like the group's positivity is the only way to deal with the hassles that wrestling fans bring - a much more overtly heel response.

Working out some frustration on social media? April Fool's? Or first signs of a gimmick tweak?

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders!

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