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Pros like Chris Jericho tweet support for Bill DeMott; others speak out about abusive behavior in WWE Developmental


Despite WWE's statement on the matter claiming that they investigated and couldn't confirm Austin Matelson's claims of abusive behavior by trainer Bill DeMott (read Keith Harris' reporting on Matelson's accusations and WWE's response for more detail), it doesn't seem like the issue is going away, at least not quickly.

This is, in part, due to wrestlers using the social media presence to discuss the story.  Yesterday, independent star Joey Ryan, who has worked with WWE on and off as an enhancement talent and is believed to have participated in at least one tryout camp, and MVP, who was with WWE for five years last decade - including being in Deep South Wrestling when another DeMott accusser, Kevin Matthews, was there - had a back and forth on the topic:

Today, another Deep South alum from that era, Doc (Luke) Gallows, tweeted his admiration of the trainer:

A view that was backed by Chris Jericho (Update: Jericho or someone on his team deleted the following message - perhaps because it didn't refute the accusations?):

Perhaps taking offense to Jericho's old school tough guy view, TNA's Ethan Carter III, who himself experienced six years in WWE Developmental from Ohio Valley Wrestling to Florida Championship Wrestling to NXT, shot back with the following Tweet:

While these parties still divide along the lines of those who've "made it" and those that "washed out", that the discussion is ongoing is not in WWE or Bill DeMott's best interest.  While more mainstream news outlets haven't picked up the story yet, the longer and louder the conversation gets within the industry and writers & fans online, the greater the likelihood that it will be heard or read by advertisers and investors.

With more to come from Matelson and another letter written by Ryan Collins, who worked in developmental as Brandon Traven, to Director of Talent Relation Canyon Ceman, lodging similar complaints making the rounds, this feels more like a developing story than one that will disappear in a few days time.

Stay tuned.

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