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Here's what to do with Bray Wyatt in the wake of his WrestleMania loss to The Undertaker

No opponent has seemingly ever been harmed in any way after doing the honors for the Undertaker. That was still the case last night, but WWE has an opportunity to turn Bray Wyatt into something completely different.

WrestleMania 31 was a spectacular night for WWE; pretty much from start to finish. I never thought I'd say this, but 17 has been matched, and quite possibly surpassed. That may be the most entertaining WWE show in history. I may be prisoner of the moment, but my God, I just want to applaud and thank everyone associated with it. Less fluff and what was there was strong fluff; the Divas match far better than Houston.

Of course I'd have preferred a Sting victory; but considering what happened later to set up the likely HHH/Rock match or the dream mixed-tag, I understand the logic. Perhaps we'll get the SummerSlam rematch to lead to the Undertaker dual-retirement angle at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas. Perhaps no rematch. We'll see.

Big Show? Well, that was garbage. However, in general, WWE delivered in a big way after many of the builds to the "Showcase of the Immortals" fell drastically short of their destinations. The main event finish was nothing short of perfection.

But, this is about the semi-main event.

Bray Wyatt's loss to the Undertaker means nothing in the grand scheme of professional wrestling. As many have pointed out, there's too much money and potentially good content in the lead-up to an Undertaker retirement next year to simply let last night have been it and squander those opportunities. The Dead Man couldn't go into that final match with consecutive WrestleMania losses on his resume. Bray is the successor to the Undertaker; perhaps with a bit of Mankind mixed in for flavor.

Wyatt is a character WWE needs to nurture and treat with care. The company has an opportunity to take its new face of fear and transform him into a performer none of us has ever seen. While it could easily have been done in the afterbirth last night, it could also be done tonight. Here's the idea:

Bray Wyatt needs to declare that wrestling matches mean nothing to him.

Think about it logically. Take the pro wrestling concept completely out of it and examine the Bray Wyatt role and what that man would actually care about in any type of real scenario. Why would a backwoods Louisiana cult leader have any interest in some kind of Championship or in his win-loss record in momentary battles, when his ultimate goal is a war on order and structure? Bray Wyatt craves chaos, destruction, and terror. That's it. That's the list.

Overall, this idea would be better served with Harper and Rowan returning to reform the Wyatt family, or perhaps with a new group of minions. With them or without them, while it didn't happen, Bray could have laid the Undertaker out after the match last night. He could do the same this evening as his adversary is advertised for the biggest RAW of the year. If the plan is to set-up the Sting-Taker match tonight, obviously this strategy wouldn't work. Let's assume WWE holds that build for a while. Bray Wyatt crushes Undertaker tonight in San Jose; laying waste to the Phenom. He stands over Taker and speaks powerfully into the microphone.

The promo can be quite simple. "I told you people that Bray Wyatt was the eater of worlds, the new face of fear. I told you to follow the buzzards. I told you nothing would ever be the same. I told HIM to find me. I told him his time had passed. I told him that his casket was waiting...that it was open. Sheep, I was right. I did not lie to you. I did not deceive you. I told you the truth. The proof of my gospel is in front of me (the fallen Undertaker). There are no heroes. There are no Gods. There is only me. What no one seems to understand is this: I never said my destiny, my future, my dominance had anything to do with winning some simple wrestling match. You see, I don't care about your wrestling matches. I don't care about your self-proclaimed Champions or the false idols they wear around their waist. I care about one thing man: unadulterated, unfiltered, uncensored chaos. Your hero the Undertaker may have won a meaningless competition, but it is I, Bray Wyatt, who stands before you as your new...face of fear. Run."

Bray Wyatt is at his best outside the confines of a match, which isn't to say he isn't a talented in-ring performer. But, when is the last time WWE had a worker on its roster that could just show up at any time and maul someone, for no reason other than pure malice and to frighten the audience? Well, other than Brock Lesnar. Wyatt's code transcends professional wrestling. As a result, Bray becomes a force of evil who can strike at any time, against anyone; with no hesitation. His victims, in order to obtain revenge or to fight back against Wyatt, challenge him to wrestling matches. He obliges, though outside of rare important and necessary results, nothing changes.

When the time is right, Bray can flip to the opposite side and turn into a more dangerous variation on the 1997 Sting character. Until that time, he cares about matches on his own time and only when it fits the storyline or the direction. It allows WWE to keep Bray Wyatt strong without him needing to win every match he's in; and it completely negates his loss at WrestleMania. It turns Wyatt into a unique commodity. We've never seen a pro wrestler declare the matches as completely irrelevant to his or her larger mission. Maybe more accurately, we've never seen anyone do it who isn't making an excuse.

With that shift, Bray Wyatt becomes the unmistakable harbinger of darkness. He becomes something truly special. The options are endless.

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