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Rey Mysterio denies retirement rumours at WaleMania

At his first public appearance since the tragic death of Perro Aguayo Jr., a Q&A session with a performance by rapper Wale in Santa Clara, CA, dubbed WaleMania, Rey Mysterio emphatically denied the rumours that he was contemplating retirement.

Rey Mysterio is not retiring from wrestling.
Rey Mysterio is not retiring from wrestling.
Erika Goldring/Getty Images

A couple of days ago, we reported that there were rumours that former WWE star Rey Mysterio was considering retirement after being involved in the match where his good friend Perro Aguayo Jr. tragically died from a broken neck in a freak in-ring accident that no-one was to blame for.

The source of these rumours was CMLL star Rey Bucanero who told Mexican sports website that Mysterio was devastated over the incident and to the best of his knowledge did not want to "fight" and he found that very painful. The website spun this to mean that Mysterio was contemplating "retirement" due to having a "guilty conscience", but it's clear that was exaggerating what Bucanero had actually said.

At his first public appearance since the tragedy, a fan Q&A session with an after party that featured a performance from American rap artist Wale at the Taste Nightclub in Santa Clara, CA, dubbed WaleManiaMysterio emphatically denied the retirement rumours. He also claimed that he had never spoke to Bucanero in the first place (very believable as they work for rival promotions) and didn't know how the story had gotten started (likely the sensationalistic reporting that has sadly been pervasive in the coverage of Aguayo's death).

A video featuring excerpts of Mysterio's WaleMania Q&A discussion can be seen below:

In the video, Rey Mysterio claims he is holding up well thanks to his faith in God and the support of all his friends and family. Dave Meltzer then announced that Mysterio is not retiring from wrestling. Apparently there were even tweets that Mysterio had officially announced his retirement, which Rey called "a big lie" and blamed the media for "trying to stir things up". He then said he thinks he'll stick around because that was definitely what El Hijo del Perro Aguayo would have wanted him to do.

Regarding his recent WWE departure, Mysterio claimed that he felt he had pretty much achieved all he could do in WWE and simply wanted to be able to call his own shots and have more free time to spend with his wife and kids at this stage in his career.

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