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Kevin Owens wants WWE matches with Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe

He may be rehabbing a knee that will keep him off of tomorrow night's WrestleMania weekend show, but NXT champion Kevin Owens is still working.

Yesterday, work took KO to The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show.  Owens and Dukes covered wide range of topics including what makes a good Raw guest star and his relationship with the man he beat for the NXT Title, Sami Zayn. Throughout, he showed what his fans from the independents and his Twitter account have known for a long time, the Canadian comes to WWE with a black belt in walking the kayfabe line in his public persona.

That was clear when talking about Zayn, or his path to WWE in general. Owens was babyface relateable in talking about achieving his goal of making it to the biggest wrestling company in the world, and still heelishly determined to get to the top of the company ASAP:

I was so excited to sign with WWE because it's been my dream since I was a kid and I was 11 years old when I first saw WrestleMania and knew that's what I had to do in life. It took a while to get here but now that I am here I'm not going to wait in line or do anything by the book. I took the bull by the horns as they say and two months after my debut I'm the NXT champion. So it's going pretty well so far, it's a really special feeling to be part of something that's growing and that people are so excited about. To be at the forefront of it because I'm the champion makes it even better.

The same blend came across when answering a behind-the-scenes question about adjusting to the "WWE Style":

I feel like I've been watching it for so long that to me this is very natural. It's a natural progression and a natural adjustment because I've been a fan my whole life. So I know how things work here, I know the style, and I'm very comfortable with it.

His juiciest sound bites came when talking about both his and WWE's future, Owens dropped a couple of names that he'd like to see show up at The Performance Center - and issued a challenge to one that's rumored to be debuting there soon:

I feel like Adam Cole would be a great addition to NXT, a guy like Cedric Alexander also would be really good but they'd all have to come through me first and that probably won't work out that good.

I'm open to a challenge from anyone, including Samoa Joe, I'll just put that one out there.

And he expanded on his Tweet about the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, giving some depth to his fandom and explaining how the prospect of working with a hero motivates him:

As a fan him, re-signing is incredibly exciting. As a competitor, it's even better because of the chance of getting to be in that ring with him one day is something that motivates me. I've been a Brock Lesnar fan since the first time I saw him. I was there when he made his debut in Montreal, the night after WrestleMania 18 and from the get go I was like, "this guy's awesome." I even named my dog Brock as a tribute, whatever you wanna call it, so I'm a big fan of his. The fact that he's gonna be sticking around here for a while and gonna do great things with WWE is exciting all around but yeah I'd love to be in the ring with him.

What do you make of KO's main roster prospects, Cagesiders? How does a match or two against Joe in Florida before heading to the main roster and Lesnar sound?

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