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Dean Ambrose is bored with this 'will fans accept Roman Reigns' nonsense

Because we haven't yet heard the opinion of literally everyone under the sun on Roman Reigns and whether or not fans are accepting of him, let's hear from his former Shield stablemate, Dean Ambrose, and get his take on the situation (via Sporting News):

"To me, it's all like people love to discuss and dissect and people have no idea ... People really don't know anything about, not that they don't know anything about wrestling, but, like, people don't really know what they're talking about. Anybody can have a — especially in today's day and age with Twitter and all that crap — everybody on Earth can ... If you have a phone and an Internet connection you can have a podcast and you can be like ‘oh, let's discuss this controversy'. It makes it out to be more than it really is because I'm in the towns with him every single night and people cheer for him pretty much every single night. He's a big freaking star who a lot of people love which means a lot of people are going to hate him too. To me, the whole ‘will the fans accept Roman Reigns?'. Well, they're going to have to because he's probably, if he wins the WWE Championship, well, then he's going to be a big star and you're going to tune in and watch him every single week and you can write whatever you want on your little blog or whatever. You're going to watch him every single week on TV and you're going to pay for the (WWE) Network and you're going to buy pay-per-views and buy tickets and you're going to essentially pay his bills. To me, the whole 'will the fans accept Roman Reigns' thing is, I'm pretty bored with that. It's like creating a story out of ... That night at the Rumble it was a story. It was a pretty wild scene, unexpected or not, whatever. To me, it was like, I don't (pause) I'm not a fan of wrestling because I care what the crowd is doing. I want to watch the match. I want to see these two guys go at it. I want to see how it plays out."


There's a good point or two within that quote but the rush to be dismissive of those who oppose the man WWE hopes will be the next goose to lay the golden eggs is off putting to say the least. Because, yes, the casual fan, and maybe even the hardcore fan, doesn't know much of anything about wrestling on any level comparable to those who actually perform within the industry. That said, you could argue the fan is the one who knows everything because it's the fan's opinion that matters most.

Really, it boils down to what relationship do you expect to have with your audience? WWE and its stars push this message of deep interaction with the best fan base in the world but when that interaction doesn't align with what the company is currently pushing suddenly the fans don't know what the hell they're talking about.

Then again, in the pro wrestling world consumers of the product are often referred to as "marks," a derogatory term used to describe someone you con money out of. And isn't that what Ambrose is really saying here? "Bitch all you want but you're a mark who doesn't know what you're talking about and you'll be paying his bills anyway, so whatever."

Wrestling fans take heat for simply being pro wrestling fans. Wouldn't it be nice if the group of people talking down to said wrestling fans for liking pro wrestling didn't include the wrestlers themselves?

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