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Quote of the Week: Brock Lesnar is going to (expletive deleted) up Roman Reigns

Our Quote of the Week comes by way of Brock Lesnar, who delivered yet another amazing pre-tape interview that aired during this past Monday night's episode of Raw in place of his actually making an appearance live in the building.

It was totally worth it:

"I was put on this Earth to seek and destroy and to hurt people. Is that sadistic? Maybe to some people -- not to me. I enjoy it. It's what I do. It's why I'm here. What does WrestleMania mean to Brock Lesnar? It's a day that I get to show up, kick somebody's ass, and get paid to do so. The Undertaker did not stand a chance against me. What do I think about the people that were disappointed that I beat The Undertaker? I don't care. Disappointment ... surprise ... I love every minute of it. Here's my take on my contract with the WWE.

"There's one thing for sure: If I stay, I'll be WWE champion; if I go, I will be WWE champion. Roman Reigns is not going to stand in the way of that. As a rookie I came in here against The Rock and sent him to Hollywood. Then they put me against The Undertaker. I end the streak. SummerSlam, John Cena; I suplex his ass out of the main event. This is my world. I don't need to hunt, I need to defend. And if you think Brock Lesnar in hunt mode is crazy shit, stay tuned for Brock Lesnar in defense mode.

"If there's one message I have for Roman Reigns it's 'you can think all you want that you can beat me. Dream, wish... because at WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar is going to kick your ass. It will be unlike any other ass kicking that you've ever received. This isn't a fairy tale. There is no fairy tale ending, there's no happy feel good moment.

"At WrestleMania, I am going to fuck up Roman Reigns. The end."

It would be a real shame to lose Lesnar to the UFC when he's at the top of his game. According to the latest rumors, WWE will work hard to sign him at Raw tomorrow night in Los Angeles so he can go into his WrestleMania 31 match with Roman Reigns already signed to a new contract.

We can only hope Vince McMahon succeeds. We need more interviews like this in pro wrestling.

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