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Watch Jon Stewart kick Seth Rollins in the yams on WWE Raw

It was hard to tell what to expect.

Raw has been its usual mixed bag on March 2nd, and the promise of a top of the hour "talk show" segment where Seth Rollins proved that he was better at hosting a comedy desk piece than his recent feud-mate and Daily Show host Jon Stewart had train wreck written all over it.

But Emmy winner Stewart demonstrated his wrestling nerd cred by appropriately name-dropping Bruno Sammartino, Mick Foley, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker.  He served up some corny, well deliver one-liners, like calling J & J Security the Katzenjammers and Mr. Money in the Bank a "Swat Team Stripper".

And he worked the ongoing angle of planting seeds for a face turn in Seth's mind by questioning whether The Authority really had his back and, if so, why wasn't he main eventing WrestleMania?

While Rollins seemed to listen to reason for a second, he eventually remembered that he's a heel and went to infllict some punishment on J-Stew for speaking the truth.  That's when Randy Orton's music hit, and The Faculty star used the distraction to do this...

Or, if you prefer, in GIF form:

Gif via the always essential Wrestling with Text

Unfortunately, The Viper didn't cement his tweener credentials by RKOing the comedian.  But he play dumb, furthering the mind games within Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's power stable.

A quick interview with Renee Young where the self-deprecating Stewart said he'd blown up while talking before scampering away before Rollins could sneak up on him, and the best guest spot since Hugh Jackman was done.

What'd you think of Jon Stewart's Raw appearance, Cagesiders?

Stewart was on Raw in part to promote his gig hosting Night of Too Many Stars this upcoming Sunday on Comedy Central, to support autism programs.  Click here to donate.

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