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Mickie James was hoping to return to WWE before she got pregnant

From her interview with Brian Fritz of Between the Ropes, when asked how close she came to putting an end to wrestling after she had her son:

"I think it was one of those things of, really when I kind of found out because at that time my whole focus at that point was ... because I had left TNA and I was a free agent. I had some talks with WWE and my hope was to perhaps maybe go back to WWE and do something there. I had been working diligently towards that and when I found out I was already two months along and had no idea. I had gotten in really great shape, New Year's resolutions and I was getting shredded and was like ‘this is great'. I was making positive momentum and really doing good and then I was like ‘oh, well what am I going to do now?'. This is all I know. This is the only life I've known. My life for the last 15 years is being a road warrior and being a star of sorts. Sometimes a little brighter than others. I think at that point I was like how am I going to do this? Maybe this is it. Maybe that was my ... I have been very blessed to have an amazing career, one that a lot of people would strive to have. So, should I just be grateful for the fact that I have achieved these goals and done these things that I wanted to do and got to do in my life and OK, it's for the next chapter? Luckily, I had so much time to sit back and think about it because I really couldn't do much else except for things around the house. I really had to think what I wanted to do because this is such a cosmetic business as well. The more I thought about it, I thought there's all these actors and models and they come back and still do their thing after they have a kid. Nothing's impossible."

James left TNA back in late 2013 and found herself doing some work as a trainer at the Performance Center helping the folks down in NXT. It seemed likely that would be in preparation for a return to WWE, especially considering the turnover in the Divas division from the time she left it in 2010.

It appears now we know that was indeed the general idea after all.

However, she found out she was pregnant with current TNA star Magnus' baby and they welcomed him to the world in September of last year. She's returned to TNA since then but the days of James working as a full time wrestler may very well be over.

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