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Why isn't Dolph Ziggler wrestling for the WWE world heavyweight championship?

Dolph Ziggler, who will wrestle in the Intercontinental title ladder match at WrestleMania 31 on Mar. 29, 2015, in Santa Clara, California, was recently a guest on the Ring Rust Radio show. While on it, he had an interesting back and forth with the show's hosts about why he's not wrestling for the WWE world heavyweight championship.

That back-and-forth (transcription via Wrestling Inc):

Donald Wood: You are widely regarded as one of the best in-ring workers in the wrestling industry. How much pride do you take in your wrestling ability and how much do you focus on keeping your matches fresh when you're on television so much?

I will answer that if each of you can tell me one reason why I'm not wrestling for the championship.

RRR: I think its politics personally.

Take that part out. Any job you will have in your entire life, even when I was a janitor had politics. Think of something else. What do I have that is a weakness?

RRR: I can't think of anything conceivably.

Oh come on its not going to hurt my feelings.

RRR: You're too blonde?

I've actually switched it out to highlights so you're wrong. Most importantly, honestly, I can't think of anything either. The Internet has a different point because they think for some reason I can't talk cause I say 'show off' all the time. To be fair, when I get a chance to talk candidly or however I want or how passionate I am about this business I deliver every single time. I can't think of anything either, so one of these days it's going to have to break through.

He's not wrong as far as politics go; that exists everywhere and while it's unfair, it's the nature of being human in a competitive environment.

But what about the rest?

Should Ziggler be wrestling for the WWE world heavyweight championship over the likes of Roman Reigns, or Seth Rollins, or even John Cena? I'll let you Cagesiders answer that in the comments below, and make sure to give him that one reason he's looking for (if that one reason exists in your mind).

Here's the full interview:

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