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Quote of the Week: Roman Reigns is the greatest thing since sliced bread

This past Monday night's episode of Raw featured Paul Heyman going so far over the top in his praise of Roman Reigns to build him up for his match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31 that it felt like a parody of what the promo should have been:

"I know that you think I'm here to cause trouble this evening. But actually tonight I'm here to say, Roman Reigns, congratulations, sir. That was a hell of a main event last night and an even more impressive victory by you, the number one contender for the WWE world heavyweight championship. And, bluntly, I can't say that I'm surprised. Because, if you think about it, my money would always be on Roman Reigns. No matter what man you ever faced, today or in history, my money would be on Roman Reigns. Only a fool would say you're not the one. Only an idiot could not look at you and realize you're different, you're distinct, you're head and shoulders above the rest.

"Roman Reigns vs. Bruno Sammartino in 1975, my money is on Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns vs. Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant in 1987, my money is on Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin in 98, Roman Reigns vs. The Rock in 1999, Roman Reigns vs. Triple H in 2000, Roman Reigns vs. John Cena anytime in the past 13 years, my money would be on Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns vs. 29 other WWE superstars at the Royal Rumble, truth be told, my money was on Roman Reigns. And last night at WWE Fastlane, Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan, my money was on Roman Reigns.

"It's a very simple thing here, you can see what I'm laying out for you. You're the guy... you are. Roman Reigns vs. any other man in history, my money is on Roman Reigns. You, sir, are the right guy in the right place at the wrong time. Because you're not fighting a man at WrestleMania, you're fighting a beast. And Roman, I have so much respect for you -- you can't slay my beast. You can't conquer the conqueror. You can't be the one to beat the one in 21-1. Any other time in history, my money would be on Roman Reigns but at WrestleMania my money is on my client because at the end of the main event there will be an announcement, and a title, the title, the only title that truly matters, will be held high above a head, and the announcer will say: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner and STILL reigning, defending, undisputed WWE heavyweight champion of the world -- Brock Lesnar."

WWE is currently in the midst of a quest to get its larger fanbase to accept Reigns as the next king, poised to knock Lesnar off his throne. Something tells me taking a heavy handed approach like this is only going to backfire.

Then again, if it's clear Brock is running off to the UFC shortly after WrestleMania, perhaps that's all it will take to get fans to buy in to the Roman Empire.

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