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Vince Russo criticises Triple H for bullying Chyna on the WWE Network

Vince Russo claims that WWE and Triple H bullied Chyna on their own network, whilst promoting a shoot interview of his own with The Ninth Wonder Of The World on the VIP section of his own website

Triple H believes the WWE Hall Of Fame would be tarnished by such filth!
Triple H believes the WWE Hall Of Fame would be tarnished by such filth!
Gabe Palacio/Getty Images

Unlike Vince McMahon's podcast with Steve Austin, in which he buried today's WWE roster for their lack of ambition and reluctance to reach for the brass ring, Triple H's interview was much less controversial, largely focusing on putting over his NXT brand and today's Reality Era of WWE sports entertainment.

There were a few shots at currently blacklisted talent like CM Punk and Chyna, but he made sure to lace his answers with enough diplomatic sugar that few complained.

However, my colleague Sean Rueter wasn't quite so enamoured with Hunter's answer to the question of whether his ex-partner Chyna would one day grace WWE's Hall Of Fame, believing that alluding to her porn career as an excuse to keep her out of the institution wasn't a valid reason to do so and illustrated WWE's double standards when it comes to women and their sexuality.

If you thought Sean's take was a little harsh, then former WWE head writer Vince Russo's opinion was even more critical, accusing WWE and Triple H of bullying Joanie Laurer on the air:

"You can slice it, and dice it, any way you want—I really don’t care—on their own network, the WWE and Paul Levesque BULLIED Joanie Lauer in front of everyone who was paying to watch. Hunter’s facade of first building Joanie up was bullshit at its finest, as he simply used it as a veil to only tear her down, embarrass her, harass her, defame her, disrespect her and BULLY HER. Those are the facts—period  . . . end of story. That is the WWE way, and unless you’ve worked there. . . you would neither see it, or understand it.

Joanie Lauer deserves RESPECT. She deserves to be treated with dignity, honor and grace. She did what she had to do in order to survive and NOBODY has the right to judge her actions, or decisions—NOBODY. Bullies are nothing but guilty, insecure people who have to tear others down to build themselves up. In their mind, that’s how they justify their shortcomings and the mistakes that they’ve made in their lives.

Joanie was Bullied. And, she deserves an apology."

Russo is better placed than most to judge the true meaning of Hunter's corporate sounding response, having once been at the heart of WWE's inner circle and worked closely with everyone involved in this affair.

However, he also knows that controversy creates cash. His outrage was being used to promote a Skype interview he has already recorded with Chyna that he will post after the conclusion of this Monday's Raw on the VIP exclusive section of his website

Although it's commendable for Russo to give wrestlers a forum to speak their minds, this does border on exploitative too, as he's profiteering from whipping Chyna up into an emotional lather and getting her to spill all the dirt on the breakup of her relationship with Triple H. Unless she is getting paid for the interview, Russo's indignation does seem a bit self-serving.

Hopefully, Chyna found the experience cathartic and can come to terms with the fact that a WWE Hall Of Fame induction is impossible in the near future and unlikely ever to happen. Her latest YouTube video sent mixed messages in that regard.

On a positive note, Laurer announced that she had recently become engaged to a long time Japanese male friend. More worryingly, she talked about plans of returning to the United States and attempting to get back into the wrestling business, possibly for Lucha Underground. Given her past battles with drug and alcohol addiction, that might not be the greatest of ideas.

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