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Corey Graves' Comments on #GiveDivasAChance...and then deals with the backlash

As the trending hashtag continues to gain steam, Corey Graves made some comments on Twitter that some fans didn't take too kindly. Let's take a look...

What's your initial response to reading that tweet by Corey Graves?

One one hand, it's showing support for the trending hashtag, the NXT women's division, as well as backing the company he works for. On the other hand, it sounds like the wrestlers are to blame for not maximizing their chances at stardom within the WWE. The problem is to "make their own chances in time" they have to be given a fair chance to do so. It's pretty difficult when the stories are terrible, and they are given, at max, 5 minutes to showcase their abilities.

Some fans didn't appreciate the use of "in time"; like, those previously or currently on the roster failed to maximize their potential, and it's their, not Creative's fault.

There are more similar comments, but as you can see Corey was surprised by the reaction, and none to pleased fans didn't appreciate his initial tweet. NXT isn't the focus here though, it's on the main roster. What's the point of building them up in NXT, only to use their talents in such a diminished manner on the big stage?

Let's assume he was not happy, and didn't actually mean "I hope you all fail" at demanding change within the WWE.

I'm thinking Corey had good intentions, but just worded his initial thoughts in a confusing manner.

What's your take?

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