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Paige agrees that WWE should #GiveDivasAChance, and says that she's in contact with AJ Lee

Forget the YES! Movement.  It's time for the "We Can Do It" Movement to take over.

Former NXT Women's and WWE Diva's champ Paige was the featured guest on Chuck Carroll's Turnbuckle Weekly show yesterday.  Keep in mind that this is before the AJ Lee/Stephanie McMahon Twitter exchange last night.  But it was after the 30 second women's match on this week's episode of Raw lead to #GiveDivasAChance trending on Twitter since Monday night.

Carroll and Paige discussed that phenomenon, and women's wrestling in Vince McMahon's company.  Her response doesn't contain terribly surprising content, but the fact that she willingly joined Lee and fellow Total Divas star Brie Bella in freely expressing her thoughts is refreshing:

If we get given the time (on the main roster)... a lot of us could be better than the guys, I feel like, if we get given the time. The guys get all the time to showcase what they can do. So, of course people say 'the guys are better than the girls.' We do a couple minutes and that's it. We don't really get to showcase what we do...

In NXT you do. I feel like a lot of people tune into NXT just to watch the women because they literally kick ass. They have all this time and they're just incredible.

Asked about the cause of the differences, Paige said that she didn't really know.  Given that she has clearly given the matter a lot of thought, that strikes me as the self-editing for political reasons.  But the fact that so many female performers are publicly calling out the differences is a brave and important first step to addressing it.

Paige was asked about AJ, who specifically called out some additional differences between how WWE handles men and women wrestlers on her Twitter last night.  She said that she has been in touch with the person she feuded with over the Divas title all through the late Summer and early Fall.  And her brief answer doesn't sound like CM Punk's wife was planning on not returning to WWE or wrestling:

She's great. You know, some people just need a break to rest up. It happens to all of us. You get tired or rundown or you just need your body to rest up.

We'll leave it up to you to form your own opinion of whether being "tired or rundown" lead to Lee's Twitter comments, but in the meantime, is there anything that jumps out to you about Paige's statements on the hot topic of the moment?

Is the willingness of Paige and Brie to speak on the state of women's wrestling an indication that things will change?  Part of a work?  Both?

Let us know, and keep the conversation going!

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