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There may be issues between Brock Lesnar and WWE

As late as one hour before Monday Night Raw went on the air on USA last night, WWE was advertising that World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar would be making an appearance alongside Paul Heyman. He reportedly flew in to Nashville earlier in the day and was backstage ready to be used.

Then, Heyman went out and cut a promo on Roman Reigns and Lesnar never showed up at any point.

Initial rumors suggested he simply wasn't used and that was that but new reports are surfacing that there could be more to the story. Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer remarked during his radio show last night that "something is going on" but was careful to say that he's not sure exactly what.

Meanwhile, PW Insider reported that sources told them that there is an issue between the two sides but it's relating to the business relationship as opposed to having a problem with creative. PWI also notes that Vince McMahon "acknowledged the issue during a SmackDown production meeting today" but there's no word on exactly what was said.

And, again, no word on exactly what was going on, just that there's obviously smoke so there must be fire.

The timing of this is interesting considering rumors and reports that Lesnar has considered going back to MMA when his WWE contract comes up in April. Rumors have been floating for months that the UFC hopes to re-sign the former heavyweight champion and pair him with Frank Mir for a third time.

The timing is interesting because Mir defeated Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva at the UFC show this past Sunday night that went head-to-head with Fastlane. He called out Lesnar immediately after.

It's entirely possible whatever issue Lesnar may or may not have with WWE is entirely unrelated to that, but it's at least worth noting that time frame.

Brock isn't advertised for another WWE show until Raw on Mar. 9 in Pittsburgh, so we may not hear more on this for a week or so.

Stay tuned.

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