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Here are two amazing Dean Ambrose promos you probably haven't seen (Video)

Dean Ambrose stole the Intercontinental championship from Bad News Barrett after their unsatisfactory match at Fastlane this past Sunday night, then proceeded to parade it around in front of him on Monday Night Raw the very next evening. He cut promos about as much backstage following both shows but unless you visit's video section or the WWE YouTube channel, you likely missed out.

Which is a shame because they're both brilliant.

From the above promo, after Fastlane:

"Oh, this is Bad News Barrett's because I lost that match? I lost that match out there, huh? Because I was standing and he's laying out on the mat, brother's laid out on the mat, and I lost that fight? Maybe I don't know how to win a fight anymore. Maybe I'm a little bit confused. I didn't go to wrestling school when I was 16 to learn how to play patty cake, to learn how to chase people out of the ring, to learn how to force people to get in the ring, to go play tag. I learned how to stand in the ring and fight. If I was the Intercontinental champion, that's what I would do. But Bad News Barrett won't stand in the ring and fight and to call himself Intercontinental champion is a disgrace. He's a disgrace to Pat Patterson, he's a disgrace to Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mr. Perfect, Bret Hart; he's a disgrace to me because I gave up my life chasing after stuff like this. You know what? You go ahead and call me the Intercontinental champion as of now. They want to call me a lunatic so they can sell t-shirts and DQ me every freaking two seconds, fine, call me a lunatic. Call me the lunatic champion of the world. I will defend this belt with my life."

And here's the one after Raw:

"I tried to do things on the up and up. I climbed the mountain on hands and knees step-by-step, and every time I get a few steps up I slide a few steps back down. See, things get real confusing in WWE these days. You get The Authority making matches, you got non-title matches, you got people running in on other people's matches, sticking their nose in other people's business, I'm getting DQ'ed every two seconds because I can't follow the rules. It's a lot to handle. So I'm going to dumb things down real, real low for everybody. I wanted the Intercontinental championship, so I took it. It's mine now. I am the Intercontinental champion. Bad News Barrett could have been a great Intercontinental champion. Bad News Barrett is one of the toughest guys in this industry if he could get his head out of his own butt. But no, he's too busy playing wrestler. A little bit of money, a little bit of gold, it makes you soft. Around Bad News Barrett's waist, this is paper. This ain't paper. This is my title. This is my title, and I'm going to make things real simple and easy to understand for everybody: If you want this, come and get it."

Hot damn, Dean Ambrose.

More, gimme more, gimme more.

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