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Paige reveals the two names WWE proposed for her

From her interview with Crave Online, Paige explains how she got her name when she came to WWE, including the two names the creative geniuses within the company proposed for her:

"So when you first get to, it was FCW back then, you give them a list of names of what you want and they bring it down to maybe they will choose it or they will give you like three. They only choose one of my names and that was Paige and they gave me two others. It was Echo and [laughing] I said 'No'. Then there was Mara, from 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'. So that was the one that stood out to me."

Actually, it could be a whole hell of a lot worse than "Echo" or "Mara," right? This is no "Ice Dagger" or "Fang McFrost" situation. It's probably best they stuck with Paige, though I'm not entirely certain it would have affected her career either which way.

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