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Vince McMahon thinks WWE will change for the better when he dies

Muscle & Fitness magazine didn't just get self-proclaimed "meathead" Vince McMahon for their cover, he's also a feature interview in their March edition.

In the piece, the WWE Chairman takes on a hot topic among wrestling fans & insiders and Wall Street investors - what will the sports entertainment giant look like when he passes on, especially from a leadership perspective:

Our future from a corporate standpoint is extremely strong because we have so many talented executives, and they all bring different strengths to the table. Steph and Paul will certainly have significant roles going forward. I think when I kick, the organization is going to change, and I think for the better, because there's no one person who can do all that I can do because of my background. There's no one individual who's going to take my place.

The first thing that stands out is that McMahon makes no mention of retiring.  In sticking with what Triple H (the "Paul" from the quote, as in Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative and son-in-law Paul Levesque) told Chris Jericho, Vince seemingly has no plans to stop running the company as long as he's drawing breath.

He also openly acknowledges the "one man running the show" notion that Hunter brought up when talking to Steve Austin earlier this month.  This quote is an attempt to spin investor concern that his unique background and the amount of control he exerts over the company are irreplaceable, but he doesn't at all try to change the perception that not only could no one else have created the behemoth we now call WWE, but no one person could steer the ship today.

Who's ready for the next ten to twenty years of Vince McMahon sports entertainment?

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