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Triple H: Sting is WCW trying to kill WWE

Just a few days away from Triple H confronting Sting at the "Fastlane" pay-per-view on Sun., Feb. 22, 2015, in Memphis, Triple H has given us the full story. Once again, the master of kayfabe is working it brilliantly to build to a match between the two at WrestleMania 31.

"Why do you think Sting's here? Let's rewind the clock, let's go back to the Monday Night War. You were a big part of that. How did you feel when we were in that war? Go back and watch it, the Monday Night War on WWE Network. How do you feel? Not knowing whether you're going to have a job next week, not knowing whether this place was going to stay afloat, not knowing whether they were going to put us out or we were going to put them out. What was that day like when we finally put WCW out of business, and we watched it all go down, right? And you knew that the future was secure.

"Here comes Sting, the one guy that you never thought you would see here, the one guy that resisted every opportunity, every ask, to be a part of this. Why? He still holds that contempt for that whole situation. And now he's here. Is for some reason this about me? This has nothing to do with me. But nobody sees that. This has to do with taking away WWE.

"(He can do that) by taking away the future. Think about it, Michael, what is the WWE right now? What is the guiding force? What is it without a leadership? I said it Monday night: I am the WWE; Stephanie, my wife, is the WWE; Vince McMahon is the WWE. Without us, there is no WWE. No Michael Cole, no Roman Reigns, no John Cena, no anybody. So the WWE Universe, they can cheer for Sting but I don't think they truly understand, I don't think you truly understand what's at stake in this. Because if he takes away the future he takes away the WWE, and maybe that's what he's been after all this time, waiting for the moment that he can win, in the end, he can win. Like I said to Ric, and that's what this is all about, passion boiling over because I see, maybe beyond what anybody else sees, I see what Sting is truly trying to do. Over my dead body will he close down, will he end, will he finish off the WWE. Sting is WCW; we put the nail in that coffin a long time ago. If he thinks he's going to come here and get some kind of retribution by putting the nail in the WWE by taking me out, by taking out the McMahon family... no. Like I told Ric, I will fight that. There is nothing more important to me on this planet than the WWE other than my wife and my children. And I will fight that until my last breath. So Sting on Sunday at Fastlane has to make a quick decision: Is it worth that fight? Because I will go down to the bitter end and he cannot survive it. He cannot. He has to make that choice but I will look him in the eye and I will tell him that then he will make the decision to turn and walk away and never be seen again, and if he doesn't then I will make that decision for him."

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