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Steve Austin, Paul Heyman fueling speculation that WWE may sign Samoa Joe


The first thing that most fans started thinking about when Samoa Joe tweeted that he was leaving TNA after ten years was "where's he going?"

Many hoped for a WWE signing, fantasy booking the Ring of Honor (ROH) founder in matches with guys with similar backgrounds down at Full Sail Live like Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Adrian Neville, Hideo Itami and Finn Bálor.

Others countered that, on the cusp of his 36th birthday, Joe was too old, with too many miles on him and a physique that would turn Vince McMahon green - and not with envy.

I tended toward the latter argument, if only because AJ Styles is a similar case in a lot of ways, and through some combination of WWE disinterest and the amount of money available working independently with promotions like ROH and New Japan, the Phenomenal One is experiencing a career rejuvenation since leaving TNA.

Earlier today, Wrestlezone reported that their WWE sources were telling them that Talent Relations head and NXT leader Triple H is indeed interested in bringing Joe in to the Performance Center, at least for a tryout.  And, in a next statement that even a casual dirt screen reader could guess at, Vince McMahon is said to be against the idea.

This does raise the possibility of the Samoan Submission Machine being a NXT-only signing, which seems more likely in light of reports out of the last set of tapings than it did prior.  That may not be financially viable for Joe, who is said to have amicably parted ways with Dixie Carter's company due to money.  But if Hunter's plans to turn NXT into a touring promotion by the end of next year come to fruition, there might soon be more money to be made there as well.

While nothing definitive, a couple of guys with WWE ties and a keen eye for talent are teasing or openly encouraging a signing on social media:

What do you think, Cagesiders?  Should Samoa Joe sign with WWE, if only for a stint on NXT?  Would he?  Would they?

Or do you just want to fantasy book the Owens vs. Joe program?

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