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Jim Ross on whether Brock Lesnar will stay with WWE or jump to UFC

One of the wrinkles in the Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan 'Reality' Era feud for this Sunday's Fastlane pay-per-view (PPV) and on into WrestleMania 31 that hasn't been getting too much attention is WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar's future with the company.

The assumption behind Reigns' Royal Rumble win was that it was part of a push that would culminate with his beating Lesnar in Santa Clara next month, cementing The Big Dog as the company's top dog while Lesnar went back to UFC and resumed his mixed martial arts career.

Part of the reason it was assumed that Brock would jump was that Vince McMahon would no longer be able to afford him.  With the past week's better than expected financial news and enthusiatic market response, that may no longer be the case.

Entering into this discussion with his latest blog post is the man who first signed The Beast Incarnate for McMahon, Jim Ross.  JR has heard rumblings that Brock could stay, but it still sounds like he thinks the former UFC Heavyweight king will go back to the octagon:

Sources are saying that it looks more promising that Brock Lesnar could well stay with WWE past WrestleMania due to concerns over long term health affects of competing in MMA specifically concussion oriented issues later in one's life. gain [sic], these are 'sources' and how reliable they are can only be judged after WM31 and following the status of the former UFC Heavyweight Champion. One thing is certain, if UFC believes, and rightfully so in my view, that CM Punk will sell PPV's for at least his first two fights then what would a healthy Brock Lesnar mean to the UFC brand in a time where no combat sport company has a plethora of bona fide star power that can move the needle on the pay per view business.

The Oklahoman is a savvy showman, so he knows that dropping Lesnar's name will get him some digital ink (and it has!).  And he doesn't actually come down on one side of the question definitively.  But whether it's his reading of WWE's booking, where they seem to be going with Brock getting cheers and hedging their bets by having Reigns and Bryan act somewhat heel-ish, or that he does have trusted colleagues with inside knowledge, JR publicly stating that Paul Heyman's client might stay in sports entertainment is a shift in the conversation.

What do you think, Cagesiders?  Will WrestleMania 31 be Lesnar's farewell to pro graps for a while?

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