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Fake WWE Instagram post about CM Punk quitting UFC leads to denials

WWE may now be sympathising with Cesaro over his Twitter hacking, after they were the victim of a fake Instagram post which suggested that CM Punk had quit the UFC and teased that he might show up on Monday Night Raw this evening.

CM Punk hasn't quit UFC, at least not yet.
CM Punk hasn't quit UFC, at least not yet.
Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

It certainly has been quite the day for online tomfoolery, which started with Cesaro presumably having his Twitter account hacked by a fan crazy enough to believe that wishing cancer on the old man running WWE, Vince McMahon, would make him change his mind that the Swiss Superman is simply too boring and foreign for a major push.

However, WWE may now be sympathising with Cesaro's plight, after rumours that they too had been the victim of a social media hacking today. The gossip started when a picture of CM Punk attached with a message to suggest that he had quit the UFC and tease that he might show up on Raw tonight, ostensibly sent from WWE's official Instagram account, made the rounds on Twitter:

Although Dave Meltzer is claiming that WWE's Instagram account was really hacked and that they quickly deleted the story when they found out about it, Mike Johnson of is reporting that WWE sources denied to him that that was the case and that the picture was merely a fake screenshot that a rogue fan had constructed using Photoshop:

"For those who have asked about an alleged WWE Instagram post teasing CM Punk would be on Raw tonight, WWE sources indicate it's just a photoshopped thing that is being passed around on social media and not something WWE posted and deleted, as the story online claims."

So sorry Cagesiders, you won't be seeing Phil Brooks on Monday Night Raw this evening, but you never know, we might get another hacking or Photoshopping before the night is out.

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