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Anti-WWE and Vince McMahon rant on Cesaro's Twitter ends with fan claiming he hacked the account

If it's Monday, it must be time for a WWE-related social media controversy.

Early this morning, Cesaro's official Twitter account started spewing out a rapid fire mix of complaints about how WWE uses him & other talents and shots at the company and its Chairman Vince McMahon (who famously said that Cesaro lacked charisma during his live Stone Cold Podcast appearance on WWE Network).

A "fan" ends the 140-character-at-a-time diatribe by confessing to hacking the feed and turning control of it back to the wrestler.  The tweets have since been deleted, but you can see a collection of screen shots capturing them - including the most inflammatory ones - wishing cancer on McMahon and calling Seth Rollins classless - below.

Some fan communities are already floating suggestions that this is a work, or that Cesaro was somehow involved, and wondering if he will punished on screen for it whether he was responsible or not.

It is also the second high profile "hack" of a Superstar's social media in a short window of time, coming exactly a week after Seth Rollins' account sent out nude pictures of a female Developmental performer during Raw last week.

Reports had indicated that the company held meetings on online behavior following last Monday's incident.  There will, or at least should, be a review of security policies and procedures as well.

Thoughts on the Cesaro tweets specifically or WWE's Twitter hacking issues in general, Cagesiders?

(Thanks to Cagesider AnmolKohli for a FanPost on the topic from which one of the above screenshots was pulled.)

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