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Damien Sandow on how long 'Mizdow' will last: As long as fans are into it

Although Damien Sandow has been given a fairly strong push here and there throughout his WWE career, as an intellectual, teaming with Cody Rhodes, or as Money in the Bank winner, he didn't strike gold until each of those pushes failed and he became a character actor. Eventually, they ran out of ideas and made him a stunt double for The Miz after Miz's stale "Awesome" character was given a fresh coat of paint as a new Hollywood heel.

It's worked out better than anyone could have hoped.

It's worked out so well, in fact, that WWE is presented with an interesting scenario in which it has to maintain a delicate balance between waiting too long to end the partnership and ending it too soon. When asked by the News-Press recently when we can expect "Mizdow" to go away, Sandow had this to say:

"You know what, as long as The Miz will have me as his personal assistant or stunt double. And as long as the WWE Universe is into it."

You've been given your marching orders, fans. Don't ever stop being into Damien Mizdow. Considering how awesomely entertaining he's been, it won't be difficult.

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