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A kid asked Sasha Banks to his high school military ball, and she said yes

Well, WWE is always preaching the power of social media. Here you go.

A young fellow named Calvin Crocker decided he would make a video asking WWE star Sasha Banks to his high school military ball. The video is above, and here's what he said:

"Hello, my name is Calvin Crocker, and I would like to ask you something. But first, when you came to the WWE I thought you were very special. Your perseverance, dedication, and stamina were better than anybody else. You've inspired me to change my lifestyle and do things I believed I couldn't do. On that fact, I would like to ask you, Sasha Banks, to the ... military ball."

Cute, right?

She totally said "yes" too:

First, she had to find him, and Tumblr helped her out:

Then, this:

What an awesome story. That timely reminder that Sasha Banks is great could have been more timely.

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