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WWE Tribute to the Troops (and TLC?) spoilers

WWE on YouTube

Along with this week's SmackDown, WWE filmed their annual Tribute to the Troops special yesterday in Jacksonville, Florida.

The event - this year's version of which will air on Wednesday, December 23 at 8PM on USA Network - is focused on giving something back to the American military servicemen & women and their families (and the resultant good public relations for WWE), and is largely booked like a house show as a result.

With the special airing more than a week after this Sunday's TLC pay-per-view (PPV), however, it's natural that folks like us are going to consider if what was presented at Tribute to the Troops gives us any clues as to what to expect coming out of Boston this weekend.

So here's what they taped with additional notes about post-PPV possibilities the results might give away:

UPDATE: There are reports around the (always reliable) internet indicating that champions were carrying their titles at the Tribute taping which occurred before SmackDown and are what I used to write the below results. Cagesider (and manager over at SBNation's Jacksonville Jaguars blog Big Cat CountryAlfie Crow, who was in attendance, reports that no one had belts until the later show began filming. So take the title stuff with a big grain of salt and probably even throw it out...confusion about Divas' alignments still stands.

- Rusev defeated Jack Swagger with an Accolade, much to the dismay of patriots like Geno Mrosko pulling for the Real American to finally defeat his nemesis.

- Bo Dallas was dressed like Uncle Sam, and Mark Henry squashed him

- Intercontinental champion Kevin Owens (yes, he still had the belt) cut a promo about how Canada is better than the United States

- Ryback cut him off, leading to a match that KO walked out Big Hungry a countout victory

- Paige & Team BAD defeated Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Brie Bella & Alicia Fox. The Nature Girl still had the belt. Lynch was still with her. Sasha Banks is hanging out with Paige on the kind of show where babyfaces usually prevail. Who knows what the blue hell anything means in this division.

- Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, The Usos, The Dudley Boyz, Kane & Ryback defeated The Wyatt Family & League of Nations in a 16-man main event. Sheamus brought the WWE title. Alberto Del Rio brought the red, white and blue strap.

No word in any of the reports about New Day being there, but Jimmy & Jey weren't carrying the tag belts. Of course, Lucha Dragons weren't there, either, so maybe they have them? HA

Anything interest you here, Cagesiders?

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